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Cat names – considered and compiled by Amanda Fruta

Cats are such unique animals full of personality.  I think their names should share their grace, independence, intelligence, cuteness, and sense of humor.  My personal preferences and impressions about cats have shaped this list.

I have made connections between gender and attributes of cats and used these as a guideline for my name selections.  All cats are cute, so all cats can have cutesy, kitschy, sometimes silly names. References to pop culture are amusing according to the owner’s personal taste. It should also be noted that many of these names are unisex. 

Words referencing color or nature are always nice names for cats of both genders. Male cats names should be archaic (either outdated or direct references to myth/classical history), effeminate, romantic, or ironic.  Female cats should have names that are matronly/dowdy or unfashionable, cute, nature-inspired (flower names especially), Shakespearian, or after something edible (sweets, spices, and perhaps herbs).


A – Abner, Aeneas, Alvin, Andre, Amos, Asher, Archibald

B – Bailey, Bo, Bowie, Beckham, Bradley, Bramble, Bruce,

C – Caesar, Caspian, Cashew, Ceelo, Charlemagne, Claudius, Claude, Constantine, Copper, Cornelius, Curtis

D – Darius, Diddy, Doc, Durham, Denim, Deisil, Drex, Dapper, Dumlot, Dregs,

E – Elliot, Eugene

F – Fabio, Ferdinand, Fritz, Falafel, Farnese, Farley, Flipper

G – Gavin, Greco, Grayson, Gustav,

H – Harlow, Harold, Harrison, Hammond, Heathcliff, Herbie, Hudson, Huey,

I – Iago, Ice, Ichabod, Iggy, Ignatius, Ike,

J – Jameson, Johannes,

K – Keller, Kaspian, Kramer

L – Lancelot, Langston, Lars, Lazlo, Lazarus, Leif, Leslie (Les), Leopold, Luke

M – Marshall, Mayfield, Manny, Mitch, Monroe

N – Nero, Nigel, Nicholas, Niles, Nan

O – Oakley, Octavian, Odysseus, Ole, Olson, Oliver, Oleander, Onslow, Orion, Orlando, Oro, Orsen,, Oscar, Osmond, Oswald, Otis, Otto, Ovid, Owen, Ozzy  

P – Percible, Phillip, Pip, Pansy

Q – Quincy, Quintin,

R – Rainer, Ramses, Rangle, Rangpur, Raphael, Raven, Razo, Red, Reese, Regis, Remington, Remus, Reuben, Rex, Rico, Ringo, Rocco, Rollins, Romeo, Roosevelt, Roscoe, Roland, Royce, Rudoplh, Russel, Russo, Rusty, Ryu

S – Saeed, Sailor, Samson, Sancho, Sanford, Santino, Sargent, Satchel, Sassafras, Sawyer, Scout, Sebastian, Sergei, Seymour, Sherlock, Simba, Sigfried, Sigmund, Simeon, Simon, Sinclair, Skipper, Sloan, Socrates, Sol, Solo, Sonny, Spiro,

Stash, Stavros, Stedman, Step, Stewart, Stone, Stormy, Sulliva, Sylvester,  

T – Talbot, Talon, Tanner, Tassos, Taylor, Teddington, Tejano, Templeton, Terence, Thatcher, Theodore, Tex, Thor, Thomas, Tiger, Tino, Timothy, Titus, Tobias, Touissaint, Townsend, Trapper, Trent, Troy, Truman, Tucker, Tudor , Turner, Tupac, Tut, Tybalt, Tyson, Tyrone

U – Ulric, Ulysses, Umberto, Usher

V – Valentino, Vesuvius, Vincent, Vladae,

W – Walter, Winston,

X – Xanto, Xanos, Xenon, Xerxes, Xavier,  

Y – Yaeger, Yasuo, Yorick, York, Yuri, Yves

Z – Zander, Zeke


A –Abra, Abby, Aiko, Alba, Alice, Almond, Amelia, Astrid, Autumn,

B – Babette, Baby, Beatrice, Brie,

C – Cinnamon, Chancy, Chloe, Cleopatra

D – Daisy, Darlin’, Delilah, Delia, Ditsy, Dixie, Dot,

E –Edith, Effie, Eleanor, Evie

F – Fancy, Fara, Foxy

G – Gigi, Ginger,

H – Hera, Hummus

I – India, Ingrid, Iris, Irma, Iman, Isis, Isolde, Ivy, Izzy

J – Jest, Jules, June

K – Kalua, Kitt,

L – Lacey, Lava, Latke, Lily, Lorraine, Luna, Lunette,

M –Maro, Maude, Metz, Mira, Mimi, Minnie, Mitzy

N – Nala, Neko, Nerine

O – Oceana, Odessa, Oki, Olive, Oneida,Oni, Opal, Ophelia, Oprah, Orli, Oriel,  

P – Paprika, Penny, Penιlope, Piper, Poppy,

Q – Queenie, Quinn, Quinta

R – Rain, Reins, Riley, Rini, Rio, Romy, Rose, Roxie, Ruby,

S – Sabrina, Sachi, Sakura, Sapphire, Satine, Sari, Scarlett, Shar, Shelly, Sibyl, Sigourney, Silver, Simone, Sissy, Sky, Snow, Sophia, Solstice, Soleil, Sosie, Star, Suki, Sugar, Suri, Sushi, Suzette, Summer, Sydney 

T – Tabitha, Taffy, Tales, Tallulah, Tamarind, Tansy, Tawny, Tegan, Tempest, Tetsu, Thisbe, Tiber, Tilly, Toki, Tress, Triska, Trixie, Trude, Tulip, Tunder

U – Ulfah, Uma, , Umeko, Umi, Ursula, Uzuri

V – Vanilla, Vesper, Vevo, Vidalia

W – Willow, Wilma,

X – Xia, Xena, Xiu, Xola, Xuxa

Y – Yachi, Yana, Yasmin, Yoko, Yoghi, yuki,

Z – Zeebo, Zoe,

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