Family-Friendly Fun And Frolic At The

Cat Fanciers' Association
Orange County Cat Show

Enjoy a day at the CFA cat show in Orange County, California!

Watch as hosts Brandon James and Kris Lezetc (obvious beginners in the cat world) ask the strangest questions (or sometimes the goofiest questions!) of all the cat lovers at the show!

This lighthearted, funny and entertaining video covers a lot of ground at the cat show, including an interview with David Mare, professional cat judge for over 40 years!

You'll meet several cool cats (and people, too!) in various segments featured in this 48 minute DVD including:

  • Household Cats are show-worthy, too!

  • Sinewy American Shorthair

  • Presenting: The #1 Siamese cat in the Nation (named Sweet Pea)

  • Beautiful American Longhair

  • Kris and Brandon perform a hilarious "Borat" segment you just have to see!

  • Kris and Brandon interview and give props to the "unsung heroes" of the cat show in a surprisingly romantic segment...

  • Fluffy and gorgeous American Bobtail named E-ticket (best of breed)

  • Amazing American Curl (best of breed)

  • Fun with incredibly cute Persian Kittens  

  • "Stumpy" and his frisky Siamese cats

  • Beautiful Chocolate Tabby

  • "George W." wins second place!

  • Funny Talking Cat Segments include:

    • "Keanu Kat"

    • "Boxing Cat"

    • "Kookie Cat"

    • "Frenchie Cat"

    • "Bonzai Cat"

    Watch sample clips here >

    Product Facts:

    • 48 Minute Live Action Video On DVD

    • New, Shrink-Wrapped - Carefully and Quickly Shipped

    This is a delightful, funny and entertaining DVD that will make you laugh out loud!

    Fun for the whole family for only $9.95!