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The Maine Coon is probably the first American breed of cat. It is thought that it is a descendant of the domestic cats that were the first to arrive in North America.
The Maine Coon disappeared entirely due to breeders who preferred cats with fancy pedigrees and without the white markings as the Maine Coon had. In the late 1950's the Maine Coon finally received its champion recognition.


This domestic cat is one of the largest breeds. It is muscular and larger in the body than most longhaired breeds.  The legs are solid, rounded and of medium length. The Maine Coon has a shiny, thick coat that is  long and shaggy. There is an undercoat that is minimal but enough to allow this coat to tolerate a cold climate. Grooming is easy, combing and brushing three times a week is all that is necessary.

All colors  are seen in the Maine Coon except, color-pointed, solid lilac and solid chocolate. In the tabby variety you will usually see white around the mouth and chin.

The Maine Coon is an intelligent cat with a loving nature.  This cat also makes a chirping noise and is very gentle with children.  He is known to be a hunter and will not balk at going into water.

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